Blueshift announces international sales and marketing agreement with Active Motif in Europe and Asia

Feb 18, 2006

Sunnyvale, CA - February 18th, 2006 Blueshift Biotechnologies, Inc. announced today an agreement with Active Motif of Carlsbad, California. Under the agreement, Active Motif will be responsible for sales and marketing efforts in Europe and Asia through their offices in Rixensart, Belgium and Tokyo, Japan respectively. 

"We are very pleased to have a quality partner like Active Motif to represent Blueshift in Europe and Asia." Said Evan Cromwell, President of Blueshift Biotechnologies. "This represents Blueshift's expansion into a worldwide presence for those important markets outside of North America." he continued.

The IsoCyteTM is a benchtop fluorescence laser scanning imager with the unique ability to generate two-dimensional anisotropy data. Anisotropy is the degree of polarization of emitted light from a molecule after excitation with polarized light. Recently, the IsoCyteTM was shown to allow the imaging of CFP-YFP FRET in live cells at high throughput screening rates through monitoring of the acceptor anisotropy. The technology behind this instrument was derived from the semiconductor inspection field.

The two companies previously announced a collaboration to develop new assays to take advantage of Blueshift's Dynamic Fluorimetry platform. Dynamic Fluorimetry utilizes anisotropy and fluorescent lifetime to improve sensitivity and selectivity in cellular and multiplexed biochemical assays.

Blueshift launched the IsoCyteTM HTS product extension at the recent LabAutomation 2006 tradeshow in Palm Springs California.