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Oct 27, 2016

Tissue Engineering for Drug Development (TEDD) Annual Meeting 2016

  • Conference
  • Europe
  • Wädenswil, Switzerland

50 shades of 3D: from ultraflat 3D to recellularised organs. Harnessing the constructional and metabolic potential of human cells in vitro.

"This TEDD annual meeting will highlight current segments of the 3D cell culture market, namely scaffold free, scaffold-based, bioprinting, and the use of recellularised tissues. This year we shall shed some light on metabolic tissue engineering, namely the generation of human brown fat cells from progenitor cells. Brown fat was originally assumed to be present only in babies and small infants, but there is increasing evidence that adults have brown fat deposits to varying degrees. What makes brown fat so interesting is its capacity to become a fuel guzzler after activation, increasing the metabolic rate and burning calories.

Come and listen to the talks, which will cover new technologies to empower cells to perform on a higher physiological level and receive the latest information about current activities in research and industry in the field. During the extended lunch you will have the opportunity for discussion and networking, and also be able to visit our industrial and research partners’ exhibition, where they share their latest ideas and technologies.

Join our community to take the next steps to spearhead implementation and prevalidation of 3D tissue models for widespread commercial use."