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Feb 04 – Feb 09, 2017


  • Conference
  • North America
  • Washington, D.C.

Join us at the SLAS conference in Washington, D.C., booth # 713.

Join our tutorial "High-throughput analysis of complex 3D cell models, including iPSC-derived liver cells through new, automated techniques"

Register to join us at SLAS2017 for a symposium and lunch. All registered attendees will receive a free virtual reality cardboard headset kit at the event and be entered for a drawing for a virtual reality headset. 

Date: Monday, February 6 | 12:30 - 1:45 PM (Lunch will be served)

Location: Convention Center | Room 150B


Grischa Chandy, Ph.D., Senior Product Marketing Manager and Applications Manager for Cellular Imaging| Molecular Devices

Jayne Hesley, Applications Scientist for Cellular Imaging | Molecular Devices

Steve Wiltgen, Ph.D., Product Manager for BioProduction Development | Molecular Devices

Cathy Olsen, Ph.D., Senior Applications Scientist and Applications Manager for BioResearch | Molecular Devices


Recent advances in assay technologies present new opportunities for increasing effectiveness of drug discovery. More biologically relevant cell-based screening technologies including induced pluripotent stem cells and three-dimensional cell cultures could play a key role in improving clinical success. However, scaling up these assays can be challenging for creating a seamless workflow. Next-generation high-content, high-throughput tools offer innovative and automated techniques for evaluating complex biology.

In our symposium, we will present tips and techniques on instrumentation, automation, and multi-parameter cell-based assays. We will provide practical insights for acquiring and analyzing data in complex 3D cell models for drug screening, cancer biology, and toxicity assessment. Don’t miss our new instrumentation unveiling!

Learn how to:

  • Take advantage of 3D spheroid cell models for anti-cancer drug screening and assessment of liver toxicity
  • Pioneer your productivity with new solutions including:
    • A multi-mode microplate reader offering innovative personalization with unparalleled performance and value in its class
    • An affordable, advanced high-content imaging system
    • High-throughput 3D cell analysis
    • Integration of a microbial colony picker into an automated screening workflow

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