Event Details

Jan 23 – Jan 27, 2016

SLAS - Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

  • Conference
  • North America
  • San Diego, CA USA

Accelerate your discoveries at SLAS 2016, Booth# 507. From high-throughput imaging to automated colony picking and multi-mode microplate readers/imagers, see how our solutions can help you advance your research.

User Meeting

Learn about novel microplate reader and high content imaging technologies that support your need to accelerate your discoveries. Enjoy a tasty beverage as you learn about our latest innovations, meet the application scientists and your peers.

  • Date/Time: January 25, 2016; 5:00 - 7:00PM
  • Location: Meze Greek Fusion Restaurant, 345 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA - only 3 blocks from the San Diego convention center.
  • Registration is complementary for Molecular Devices customers and invited guests.

Tutorial sessions
User Presentation with Allan Sauvat, Cancer Campus Gran Paris
Monday, January 25; 2:00-2:45PM; Room 11B

High-content Screening and Imaging; Grischa Chandy, Molecular Devices
Tuesday, January 26; 2:00-2:45PM; Room 10

Morphometric Characterization of Cancer Spheroid Cultures Using Confocal Imaging and 3D Image Analysis
Author: Oksana Sirenko, Ph.D., Molecular Devices
Monday, January 25; 1:00-3:00PM; Poster# 2119

A Novel Ruthenium-Based Time-Resolved Fluorescence Assay for High-Throughput cAMP Detection
Author: Yen-Wen Chen, Ph.D., Molecular Devices
Tuesday, January 26; 1:00-3:00PM; Poster# 2012

Increase Sensitivity with Confocal Acquisition in High-Throughput Imaging Assays for Detection of DNA Damage and Genotoxicity
Author: Jayne Hesley, Ph.D., Molecular Devices
Tuesday, January 26; 1:00-3:00PM; Poster# 2130