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Sep 11 – Sep 11, 2014

Matinée technologique EPFL-BCH

  • Regional Event
  • Europe
  • Lausanne, Switzerland

Join us at our latest Technology Talks. The first will be at EPFL-BCH. You will learn more about our cell imaging reader and our future-proof microplate readers, which enable you to choose which application to run simply by selecting the right detection cartridge. From AlphaScreen® to western blot, the plate reader evolves with your research needs.

Our Swiss team look forward to seeing you at our Technology Talk.

Matinée technologique EPFL-BCH
Date:     Jeudi 11 septembre 2014
Time:   08:30-12:00
Location: EPFL Magasin Facultaire du Batiment BCH (Batochime) Salle 1218 (Batochime), Route Cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

For further information about this Technology Talk please email: infoboxeu@moldev.com