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Oct 15, 2014

Ion channel compound profiling and GABAA receptor function

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Evaluating the IonWorks Barracuda for ligand-gated ion channel compound profiling
Andrew Powell, RD Platform Technology & Science, GSK Medicines Research Centre, UK

In recent years, several high throughput electrophysiology platforms have been developed which incorporate rapid solution exchange, thereby enabling higher throughput compound profiling for ligand-gated ion channels. We have evaluated the IonWorks Barracuda® platform for its capacity to provide pharmacological data for a number of ligand-gated ion channels, including GABAA receptors, nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and transient receptor potential (TRPV) channels. The platform has delivered compound screening assays that have generated pharmacology and mode of action data for these channels with greater physiological relevance and throughput than previously available within GSK.  

The IonFlux HT: A new high-throughput platform to assess GABAA receptor function
Michael Donio, Eurofins Pharma Bioanalytics Services US Inc.

GABA receptors have been extensively studied due to their importance in physiological processes and are major therapeutic targets for pharmaceutical drug discovery. In this study, Eurofins PrecisION™ recombinant cell lines expressing human GABA receptors were validated with the IonFlux™ HT Automated Patch Clamp System. We characterized the response of six different GABAA alpha subtypes and the generated data demonstrates the effectiveness of the IonFlux HT for detection of agonists, antagonists, Positive Allosteric Modulators (PAMs), and Positive Allosteric Modulator Antagonists. The addition of the IonFlux HT to our other platforms at Eurofins provides researchers in this field with another strong option to choose from to study these targets in depth.