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Jul 06 – Jul 06, 2011

GEN WEBINAR: Advances in Label-Free Assays for Antibody Discovery, Development, Characterization, and Bioprocessing

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Presented by Yasmina Abdiche, Associate Research Fellow, Rinat-Pfizer; Arnout Gerritsen, Associate Director, Assay and BioAnalytical Science, Genmab BV; Sriram Kumaraswamy, Senior Product Manager, ForteBio. In this webinar, you will learn how label-free assays embodied in the Octet platform, have been applied to the optimization of therapeutic antibody production and characterization, to streamline producer strain identification, to the high throughput analysis of antibody-antigen or protein-protein interactions and combined with robotics, for unattended analysis of large sets of biotherapeutic candidates.