Event Details

Feb 05 – Feb 07, 2020

Expanding the Druggable Proteome with Chemical Biology

  • Conference
  • Europe
  • EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

This conference will explore how recent advances in chemical biology are helping to expand the druggable proteome and enhance our understanding of disease biology with three major themes:

- Illuminating the druggable genome
- Chemical interrogation of the druggable proteome
- New engineering approaches for breaking the druggability barrier


Co-organized with industry partners of the EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme, emphasis has been put on bringing together academic and industrial scientists with interests in chemical biology, chemogenomic libraries, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and bioinformatics who have the curiosity and courage to challenge existing thinking and explore new ways of expanding the druggable proteome for better medicines.

In a workshop you can discover the potential of our label-free BLI technology and several applications to accelerate your research and development programs.