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Feb 20 – Feb 21, 2019

3D Cell Culture

  • Conference
  • Europe
  • London, UK

Join us at 3D Cell Culture 2019, which will look at the latest developments in the 3D Cell Culture field. Network with industry experts, gain insight into how the pharmaceutical industry is utilizing 3D Cell Culture technologies to enhance research and development, discuss the potential for novel in-vitro cell culture models to replace animal models, and discover novel 3D cell culture systems, organ-on-chip, 3D imaging of organoids and other technologies in development.

Come and talk to our friendly UK team about our latest developments in high-content and cellular imaging technologies which enable a wealth of applications including 3D Biology, Spheroid Assays, Organ-on-a-Chip Assays, 3D Cell Imaging and Analysis and much more.


Join our presentation with Mimetas

Speaker: Wouter Strijker, Business Developer, Mimetas.

Title: From the Well to the Cell: Novel Technologies for Imaging and Analysis in 3D Cell Culture Workflows

You will learn about:

  • The development of physiologically relevant organ-on-a-chip tissue models for drug development
  • Translatable assays and readouts for healthy and diseased human organ models
  • Quantitative characterization of complex phenotypic effects using high content imaging and 3D analysis