Transitioning high-content assays to 3D: Scientific opportunities & imaging challenges

Presented by:

Chris Nishioka, PhD | Field Applications Scientist, Molecular Devices
Tim Baranowski, PhD | Field Applications Scientist, Molecular Devices
Bas Trietsch, PhD | Chief Technology Officer, MIMETAS
Shannon Mumenthaler, PhD | Professor of Medicine, USC

There has been a recent shift toward using 3D cell models in drug discovery and disease modeling, as numerous studies show they better mimic the in vivo environment and provide more physiologically-relevant data than 2D models.

In this roundtable discussion, our panel of experts discuss the benefits and inherent challenges of making the transition from traditional 2D high-content assays to more complex 3D biology.

Key highlights:

  • Benefits of using 3D cellular models for high-content imaging
  • Main barriers to entry into using 3D cell models for high-content imaging and analysis
  • Features that will be essential to accelerating high-content imaging of 3D biology

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