High-throughput screening of 3D cell models, such as patient-derived organoids (PDOs), comes with a unique set of challenges when it comes to reproducibility, cost, and scalability.

By implementing an end-to-end, automated workflow, labs can lower cost, simplify protocols, and scale-up assay screenings. Listen in as experts share how to standardize and scale up organoid production, culture maintenance, and therapeutic and disease model assessment. They focus on different solutions to common researcher pain points in the 3D biology experimental pipeline, including:

  • Bioproduction and manufacturing process for PDOs
  • The benefits of scaling organoid production
  • How to overcome the challenges of growing and treating organoids
  • Robotic integrations – key for saving time and resources for 3D culture maintenance
  • High-content imaging – critical for testing therapeutic targets and disease challenges in fixed and live organoid and spheroid models

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