3D Imaging Seminar Series

If you're increasing your use of complex biological systems such as spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip for disease modeling and drug screening, we’d like to invite you to view our new 3D Imaging Seminar Series. Our expert scientists will discuss how new methods and recent advancements in automated imaging and analysis are improving research in 3D biology.

3D Imaging Seminar Series

Enhance high-content 3D biology imaging with automated sample preparation

In the second session of our 3D Imaging Seminar Series, Dr. Serena Cervantes walks viewers through an automated high-throughput workflow solution. Learn how reliable 3D high-content imaging and analysis solutions—along with automated sample preparation—can reveal inconsistencies between samples, overcome sample variation, and increase throughput. Dr. Cervantes highlights the tools she used to create robust imaging protocols and demonstrates an automated organoid workcell for preparing and imaging 3D samples.

Interested in learning more about the systems behind the method?

ImageXpress Confocal HT.ai system

Powerful multi-laser light sources, a deep tissue penetrating confocal disk module, water immersion objectives and modern machine learning analysis software

  • Ideal for highly-complex cell-based and 3D assays
  • Seven-channel high-intensity lasers generating brighter images with higher signal-to-background
  • Spinning confocal disk technology for deeper tissue penetration, resulting in sharper images with improved resolution
  • Water immersion objectives offering quadruple the signal at lower exposure times for greater sensitivity and image clarity without sacrificing speed
  • Optional IN Carta software, leveraging intuitive, modern machine learning

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confocal ht ai

IN Carta Image Analysis Software

Modern machine learning, high-content image analysis software

In Carta

Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive user interface simplify workflows for advanced phenotypic classification and/or 3D image analysis. Advanced features provide the functionality you need to analyze data at scale and deliver real-time insights without the need for complex pre- or post- processing operations. Put machine learning to work for you and perform complex classification automatically with the optional Phenoglyphs module.

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