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Efficacy of Anti-Cancer Drugs in HCT116 Spheroids

In collaboration with Cellular Dynamics International and Corning Life Sciences, join our three part video series as we explore tools and solutions for developing 3D assays and the use and analysis of cancer spheroid models, iPSC-derived hepatocyte and cardiomyocyte spheroids for toxicity assessment.

Using spheroid models to develop relevant high-throughput assays with quantitative endpoints

Three-part webinar on using 3D cell spheroids:

Part 1: Tools to increase bio-relevance of 3D assays
Part 2: Efficacy of anti-cancer drugs in HCT116 spheroids
Part 3: Hepatotoxicity using iPSC-derived liver cells and beating pattern of iPSC-derived cardiac spheroids

In this video, you will learn about cancer spheroid models.