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Automation of the organ-on-a-chip assay: automated culture, imaging and analysis of angiogenesis

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Watch Oksana Sirenko, Senior Application Scientist at Molecular Devices, present her poster on how our high-content imaging solutions can scale up and automate imaging of organ-on-a-chip systems.

The complexity of 3D models remains a hurdle for their wider adoption in research and drug screening. Automation of the cell culture, assays, and analysis can provide the tools necessary to facilitate and scale up the use of organo-on chip systems. Here we describe a workflow for automation of organ-on chip culture, as well as monitoring, and automated cell analysis. The automated method utilizes an integrated work-cell, consisting of several instruments providing automated cell culture, monitoring, and a high-content imaging system. This system allows for automated cell seeding, media exchange, as well as monitoring development and growth of 3D vasculature. The automated method is extensively applicable for compound screening and using Organ-on -chip technology in a high-throughput manner.