Ananda Neurite Untangled Webinar

Neurite analysis untangled: Uncover big data from neuronal phenotypes

Neuronal Morphological Analysis

Traditional neuronal culture methods lack reproducibility and are difficult to quantify, which hinders key data generation in research and development. Learn how Molecular Devices worked together with Ananda Devices to build standardized ways to generate reproducible, multiparametric data using the NeuroHTS™ platform and the 7-factor neuronal morphological analysis.

Takeaways include:

Learn more about the systems behind the methods:

ImageXpress Pico system

Digital microscopy with automated brightfield, fluorescence, and real-time deconvolution imaging

  • Ideal for cell counting, transfection efficiency, and cell health assays
  • 25+ preconfigured application protocols
  • 3D z-stack acquisition
  • On-the-fly analysis
  • Environmental control for live cell assays
  • Access data from a browser— anytime, anywhere
  • Optional Digital Confocal on-the-fly 2D deconvolution

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ImageXpress pico

MetaXpress software for ImageXpress high-content imaging systems

Multi-level analysis tools for a wide range of applications

  • Meet high throughput requirements with a scalable, streamlined workflow
  • Adapt your analysis tools to tackle your toughest problems, including 3D analysis
  • Schedule automatic data transfer between third-party hardware sources and secure database
  • Set up hundreds of routinely used HCS assays using MetaXpress software modules
  • Export data to IN Carta software, leveraging intuitive, modern machine learning

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