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Capture sharper, crisper 3D cell images with our *NEW* water immersion objectives

Gain the sensitivity to capture more phenotypic data at greater depths. Simplify high-content imaging and analysis of complex, 3D cell model assays like spheroids, organoids, and organ-on-a-chip biology.

Water Immersion Imaging Objective

See deeper into 3D samples

Water immersion objectives can offer signal increases of up to 4X, which can help scientists see deeper into 3D and thick tissue samples at lower exposure times.

  • Increase in penetration depths dependent on sample
  • Improve z-resolution and optical aberrations
  • Gain sharper, crisper images
  • Acquire 3D samples at high-throughput
  • Shorten image acquisition time


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Water immersion objectives for the ImageXpress Micro Confocal system

Water immersion objectives provide an index of refraction similar to the media by using water as a conduit for the light path between the objective and the plated sample. Index matching decreases optical aberrations and enables our water immersion objectives to have a higher numerical aperture, as compared to air, which can improve lateral and axial resolution even deep into the media.

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