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Compact and tunable absorbance microplate readers

Absorbance Microplate Readers – ideal for every lab

The SpectraMax® ABS and ABS Plus Absorbance ELISA Microplate Readers are ideal for a vast range of absorbance applications, from DNA and protein quantitation to ELISAs and microbial growth assays

The SpectraMax ABS offers wavelengths in the VIS range between 340-850 nm, whilst the SpectraMax ABS Plus increases versatility even further into the UV range, from 190-1000 nm.

SpectraMax ABS Plus Reader


  • Fits any lab due to small, compact stand-alone design
  • Affordable, competitive price
  • Much greater throughput than traditional spectrophotometers – read 96 or 385 well plates in seconds, or cuvettes with the SpectraMax ABS.
  • PathCheck® sensor automatically normalises well absorbance, eliminating the effect of inaccurate pipetting
  • Powerful analysis with included SoftMax® Pro software
  • Suitable for a wide range of absorbance assays including ELISAs, DNA, RNA or protein quantitation, microbial growth and cytotoxicity

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