organoids in drug discovery


The essential guide to organoids in drug discovery

Add another dimension to your research

The essential guide to organoids in drug discovery

What you will find in this eBook

Fueled by rapid developments in advanced cell technologies and the desire to create models that closely resemble the in vivo tissue, organoids have undeniably taken their rightful place at the forefront of disease modeling and drug discovery. Developed to represent many different organs of the human body, with applications expected to grow over the next few years, organoids form the foundation of innovations yet to come in precision, translational, and regenerative medicine.

This eBook delves into the history, current role, and future impact of organoids in drug discovery and how you can successfully integrate organoids into your research.

Sample pages

Introduction to Organoids

Introduction to organoids

Optimize your technology

Optimize your technology

Applications and Research impact

Application and research impact

The Future of Organoid Research

The future of organoid research

Integrating organoids into research

How to integrate organoids into your research

Add another dimension to your research with organoids for disease modeling and in vivo drug screening

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