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What you will find in this eBook

Learn how you can use absorbance microplate readers to streamline your beer, wine and food safety analyses using industry-standard approved methods.

  • Food Safety Applications: Endotoxin testing and melamine detection in GLP/GMP environments
  • Beer Applications: Gluten level testing, yeast metabolism, color and bitterness (IBU's)
  • Wine Application: L-Malic acid and phenolic compounds

Sample pages

Melamine standard curve demonstrating assay sensitivity
High-throughput melamine detection
Pyrochrome assay standard curve
Endotoxin testing in GLP/GMP labs
Beer gliadin and gluten analysis results
Gluten quantification in beer
Beer bitterness analysis results
Bitterness, color and FAN analysis in beer
MAD assay standard curve
L-Malic acid measurements in wine

Streamline beer, wine, and
food quality control and
safety analyses

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Streamline beer, wine, and food quality control and safety analyses

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