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Scientists studying particular disease states often search cellular signaling pathways to gain insight into DNA, RNA, and protein functions. As researchers investigate various steps in cellular pathways, they utilize a variety of tools that facilitate their path to discovery.

In this ebook, we show how data for several related cellular parameters were collected using a single instrument, the SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode detection platform.

Sample pages

Cell Viability
Cell Viability
DNA/RNA Detection
DNA/RNA Detection
Protein Detection and Quantitation
Protein Detection and Quantitation
Reporter Gene Assays
Reporter Gene Assays
Investigate Cellular Pathways
Investigate Cellular Pathways

Simplify Your
Investigation of Cell

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SpectraMax i3x offers all the techniques you need to explore cell pathway in a single system

  • Cell Imaging
  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence
  • Luminescence
  • AlphaScreen
  • Western Blot
  • TRF
  • HTRF
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Injections
  • Add a new detection mode in seconds

    Easily upgrade or switch between detection modes with user-exchangeable modules – just open the drawer and insert the module you want.

  • See what’s really happening to your cells

    Quick imaging and analysis of cells gives you a front-row view of the phenotypic changes that accompany cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, and protein expression.

  • Outstanding fluorescence performance

    Get unmatched signal strength and superior sensitivity across the spectrum with a powerful combination of Xenon flash lamp and multiple LED light sources.

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