ELISA to epigenetics with HTRF


From ELISA to epigenetics with HTRF

Overcome HTRF detection challenges with optimized microplate reader settings and simplified analysis.

  • Easily enable a wide variety of HTRF assays
  • Improve HTRF detection sensitivity with dedicated, validated microplate reader modules
  • Get fast and simple analysis with dedicated HTRF protocols in SoftMax® Pro Software
ELISA to epigenetics with HTRF

What you will find in this eBook

Learn about the principles of HTRF assay technology, with example applications, as well as some of the challenges of HTRF detection and how to overcome them.

Sample pages

HTRF Assay Technology

HTRF assay technology

cAMP Assays

cAMP assays, Gαs -coupled receptors

IP-One assays

IP-One assays, Gαq/11 -coupled receptors

Kinase and epigenetic assays

Kinase & epigenetic assays

Simplified HTRF analysis

Simplified HTRF analysis

From ELISA to epigenetics with HTRF

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