Mabtech AB uses the Octet RED384 system to help optimize the selection of new antibody producing cells

Mabtech AB – Stockholm, Sweden

Aina Anthi, Research Scientist

High throughput Octet HTX and Octet RED384 Systems

The Challenge

Mabtech is a Swedish biotech company that is proud to be one of few companies focusing entirely on monoclonal antibodies for ELISpot, FluoroSpot and ELISA. They carefully characterize monoclonal antibodies and use this information to configure optimal antibody pairs. Researchers around the world use Mabtech products to capture, detect, and discover analytes with precision and accuracy.

Mabtech’s R&D team responsible for Hybridomas needed a solution to optimize the selection of new antibody producing cells - for example, ranking the off-rates of antibody-antigen interactions and to group antibodies dependent on epitope binning assays.

Mabtech AB uses the Octet RED384 system to help optimize the selection of new antibody producing cells

The Solution

The Mabtech lab already had experience on the benefits of BLI from their use of the ForteBio single-sample BLItz system. Members of the ForteBio team performed a demonstration of an automated Octet platform and Mabtech was impressed with the added throughput that this would provide them when screening for a high number of hybridomas.

The way the Octet system uses Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) allows for these binding assays to be conducted without having to label the antibody or antigen, and can be performed on supernatant level, being a great advantage for us compared to traditional and time consuming ELISAs.” - Aina Anthi

The Results

We use the Octet RED384 because it is accurate, fast, and easy to work with. For us it is important to detect good hybridomas at an early stage, and with the Octet system we can detect antibody pairs in cell supernatant.” – Aina Anthi


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