10,000 Binding Events Per Day at Avitide

Avitide - Lebanon, New Hampshire

Ethan Dow, Scientist

Highest Throughput Octet System: Octet HTX

The Challenge

Avitide, based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, develops high-performance affinity purification solutions for the manufacture of life-saving biotherapeutics. By simplifying complex protein purification challenges that currently require multiple chromatography steps, Avitide’s affinity separation technology enables its pharmaceutical partners to achieve faster bioprocess development timelines and lower manufacturing cost for a range of biomolecules including enzymes, novel scaffolds, antibody-based therapeutics, recombinant vaccines, and gene therapies.

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The Solution

Using off the shelf biosensors like Streptavidin, Nickel-NTA, Protein A, Protein G and anti-human Fc, Avitide uses the Octet HTX system to screen purified ligands. To achieve maximum throughput, the Octet HTX system is paired with a Twister II microplate handler from Caliper Life Sciences to continually resupply the instrument with biosensors and sample plates for around the clock, unattended operation.

"The Octet HTX system, in conjunction with automation developed at Avitide, has been part of how we have increased our screening capabilities from 500 to 10,000 binding events per day. This enables Avitide to screen and perform fully comprehensive biophysical interactions across more ligands and provide our partners with valuable information at the industry standard." - Ethan Dow, Scientist


The Results

Avitide turned to the Octet HTX system to increase capacity and keep pace with a workflow capable of producing upwards of 2000 clones every four days. The 384-well microplate format processed by the Octet system also reduces analyte consumption, measures from 40 µL sample volumes during this early phase, and lent itself to laboratory automation. In four years of operation, Avitide has increased its platform capacity tenfold — high throughput instrumentation such as the Octet HTX is key to allow this throughput.


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