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Validated cell lines and ion channel targets on the IonFlux system

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Ligand Gated
ASIC HEK Customer  
GABAA 1 HEK Millipore
  *HEK (Transient Transfection) Customer
  LTK Customer    
GABAA 2 HEK Customer
NAChR 1 HEK Millipore  
NAChR 4 Modified HEK (tsa 201) Customer  
NAChR 7 Modified HEK (tsa 201) Customer  
NMDA CHO Customer
  HEK Customer    
P2X2 HEK Chantest  
P2X3 HEK ChanTest
  C6BU-1 Customer    
  RLE Customer    
TRPM8 CHO Customer  
TRPA1 HEK Customer  
TRPV1 CHO Customer    
Voltage Gated
BK *CHO Suspension (CGE22; Transient Transfection) Customer  
hERG1a CHO Millipore
  CHO Aviva
  HEK Millipore    
hERG1a/1b HEK Customer
Kir4.1/5.1 CHO Customer  
KV1.3 *CHO Suspension (CGE22; Transient Transfection) Customer  
  HEK Customer
KV2.1 CHO Customer
KV4.3 CHO Millipore  
NaV1.1 HEK Customer
NaV1.5 CHO Customer  
NaV1.7 HEK Millipore
  HEK Customer    
NaV1.8 HEK Millipore
TREK-1 HEK Customer  
Endogenous Expression
GABAA Immortalized Human Smooth Muscle Cells Customer  
BK Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) ScienCell    
BK Human Aortic Endothelial Cells (HAEC) Lonza    


‘Recording’ means that the currents have been obtained showing the expected response to either a voltage or ligand stimulus. ‘Pharmacology’ indicates the fact that known modulator effects have been measured and agree with literature. ’Optimization’ includes optimization of cell prep and IonFlux experimental parameters sufficient to yield a success rate of 80% or better.

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