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IonFlux Plate Formats

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Overview of well plate layout and functionality


IonFlux Plates are microfluidic devices used exclusively in the IonFlux System for automated patch clamp assays. They are integrated into SBS-standard well plate formats for convenience and compatibility with automated liquid handling instrumentation. Multiple plate formats are available which correspond to the IonFlux system configuration. Each well on the plate has a dedicated function as either a compound well, cell trapping well, cell inlet or cell outlet well. This technical note provides an overview of the available plate formats.

IonFlux HT - 384 Well Plate

IonFlux 16 - 96 Well Plate

  IonFlux HT / 384-well IonFlux 16 / 96-well
Plate format SBS-standard
384 well plate, square well
96 well plate, square well
Number of experimental patterns 32 8
Number of compounds per pattern 8 8
Number of cell recordings per pattern 2 2
Number of cells trapped per recording 20 20
Compounds tested per plate 256 64
Total data points per plate 512 128

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