Novel patient-derived colorectal cancer organoid platform for automated high-throughput drug discovery applications

Human IgG Protein Detection Signal

Patient derived organoids (PDOs) represent a promising tool for personalized treatment in drug discovery.

These tumor organoids are multicellular mini replicas of the 3D tumor and have been shown to retain in vivo characteristics and their derived organoids respond similarly to drugs. However, challenges such as assay reproducibility, scalability, and cost have limited the use of PDOs in mainstream drug discovery pipelines.

In this app note, we used our proprietary method for generating highly standardized, assay ready PDOs and demonstrate their utility in high-throughput applications using colorectal cancer (CRC) PDOs. Treated with selected anti-cancer drugs at various concentrations, the PDOs were monitored over time using transmitted-light imaging, and a deep learning-based image segmentation model was developed to analyze PDO size, texture, intensity and other morphological and phenotypic readouts.

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