Application Note

PatchXpress 7000A System

  • Conventional patchclamp quality data
  • Tight giga-ohm seals
  • Fast solution exchange
  • assays voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels
  • Fast solution exchange
  • Dataxpress software for data management and analysis

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An automated parallel patch clamp system



The PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System directly records ion channel activity in a true whole-cell patch-clamp screening assay, dramatically improving throughput in comparison to manual methods. When used at full capacity as a screening tool, the PatchXpress 7000A System can test over 500 compounds in an eight-hour day—an increase in patch-clamp throughput more than two orders of magnitude!

A Fully Featured, Research-Capable Patch-Clamp Workstation

The PatchXpress® 7000A System is both a screening system and a fully-fledged, flexible, basic research electrophysiology workstation. For ion channel screening, there is simply no comparison. The system’s capabilities include optional multi-drug or multi-concentration applications on a single cell, with sophisticated stimulation and recording protocols. The highperformance fluidics system automatically applies compounds with exchange rates on the order of 10–15 ms.

The software running the instrument monitors the success of each washout—and optionally supports application of a new compound only if the baseline current returns to a user-set threshold. Test compounds are only applied to successfully patch-clamped cells, thereby eliminating compound wastage. With the PatchXpress system, you can decide whether to apply many compounds to a single cell or to apply only one compound and use a sequence of detailed voltage protocols.

Seriously Tap into Ion Channel Targets for the First Time

The PatchXpress® 7000A System opens up a huge pool of highly “druggable” ion channel targets to the drug discovery industry. The exclusive SealChip16 planar electrodes from AVIVA BioSciences, at the heart of the PatchXpress system, give the system its edge. These are backed up by robust, accurate, and highly configurable amplification and fluidics systems.

Whether you need a screening or research tool, high-quality data is absolutely essential. Otherwise, costly false positives and/or negatives will still be a problem. The PatchXpress 7000A System provides high-quality patch-clamp data— backed by over two decades of experience as the world-leader in electrophysiology hardware and software.

High-performance acquisition and analysis software

The PatchXpress Commander Software provides 16 scope windows for live views of recordings in all 16 channels (Figure 1), as well as “chart-recorder” windows for viewing on-line statistics, such as peak amplitude over time. The system comes standard with a wide-screen monitor for easy viewing of these windows. DataXpress® Data Management And Analysis Software is available for fully configurable, macro-driven analysis, including time courses, I-V graphs, dose-response curves and much more.

High-Throughput Parallel Patch-Clamp (Figure 1)

16 simultaneous and parallel recordings increase throughput over conventional patch-clamp methods.

Integrated and intelligent fluidic

The integrated and intelligent fluidics of the PatchXpress ® 7000A System facilitate drug application during recordings. Viability testing automatically determines the cells that have achieved whole-cell clamp conditions. Test compounds are added only to viable cells, eliminating waste of precious materials. Washout of the chamber is also supported. Rapid solution exchange and small volumes of test compounds (approximately 50 µL) keep costs down and throughput high, while disposable tips eliminate cross-contamination. The PatchXpress 7000A System records both ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels (Figures 2 and 3) and also supports cumulative dose-response experiments.

Voltage-Gated Ion Channels (Figure 2)

Kv1.1 potassium channel currents with (A) raw data and (B) P/4 linear leak and capacitance subtracted data. Panel C shows the I-V relationship from both experiments. Data courtesy of Drs. Jia Xu and Antonio Guia (AVIVA Biosciences).

Ligand-Gated Ion Channels (Figure 3)

GABA-activated currents in α1β2γ3 GABAA receptors. All responses were recorded from the same cell with four minutes of continuous washout between concentrations.

Single-use 16-channel substrate

PatchXpress® 7000A Systems use exclusive AVIVA BioSciences’ SealChip16 planar electrodes. (See Figure 4.) This patch clamp substrate is designed for compound addition from above and provides very high whole-cell recording success rates. The SealChip16 electrode consists of 16 planar patch clamp holes of about 1 µm diameter each, aligned on a single strip 4.5 mm apart. The recording of each chamber is controlled independently, driven by the progress of the individual cell. A well above each hole holds 50 µL to 100 µL of external solution, while a much smaller compartment underneath each hole holds internal solution. All together, each SealChip16 electrode looks like a single column in a 384-well plate. This disposable electrode array promotes zero cross-contamination. As with a conventional patch-clamp, the SealChip16 electrodes are disposed after each use because debris from a patch clamped cell prevents subsequent gigaseal formation.

SealChip16 Consumable (Figure 4)

The small AVIVA SealChip16 planar electrode is the heart of the PatchXpress 7000A Automated Parallel Patch-Clamp System, providing its very high whole-cell recording success rates.

Technical Specifications

Performance Specifications

Access resistance (Ra): < 5 MΩ
Membrane resistance (Rm): > 200 MΩ
Fluidics: Independent 16-channel wash probe with integrated pipettor
Amplifiers: 8 x 2 independent channels; proven MultiClamp™ 700 Amplifier technology
Consumables: SealChip16 planar electrodes

General Specifications

Dimensions (in.): 66 (H) x 58 (W) x 30 (D)
Dimensions (cm): 168 (H) x 147 (W) x 76 (D)
Weight: 500 lbs. (227 kg)

Ordering Information

PatchXpress 7000A Automated Parallel PatchClamp System
Part Number: PATCHXPRESS 7000A

 PatchXpress 7000A instrument

 PC with Windows XP operating system

 PatchXpress commander operating software and manuals

 DataXpress software server PC with Windows XP operating system

 DataXpress software client

 Vacuum pump and air compressor

SealChip16 consumable
Part Number: 1-SEALCHIP 16-K

 (16) per case

 Store at 4°C

Pipette tips

Part number: 9000-0958 (sterile)
Part number: 9000-0959 (non-sterile)

 (24) racks of 96 tips, 50 µL.

DataXpress 2 Database Software Part Number: 1-6195-0001

 (24) racks of 96 tips, 50 µL

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