Rapidly and accurately quantify RNA concentration

Sensitive RNA fluorescent quantitation

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Sensitive RNA fluorescent quantitation with the Quant-iT RiboGreen RNA assay kit

Discover how our SpectraMax® microplate readers with fluorescence detection mode and SoftMax® Pro Software can provide:

Versatile multimode microplate readers

Expand the boundaries of research

For nearly 40 years, we have partnered with scientists to help them achieve landmark discoveries. Our microplate readers and software are the industry’s most cited and have empowered life science researchers to advance protein and cell biology.

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Our extensive SpectraMax® line of user-friendly microplate readers – the industry’s most cited brand – provide great flexibility for labs conducting applications ranging from ELISAs to nucleic acid and protein quantitation and include absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence. Configurable options include fluorescence polarization (FP), time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), FRET, and AlphaScreen. Upgradeable modules are also available including western blot, cell imaging, and fast kinetics with injectors.

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Explore microplate data acquisition and analysis

SoftMax® Pro Software provides the simplicity, flexibility, and power required for advanced data analysis with ready-to-run protocols, analysis algorithms, and 21 different curve fit options. Compliance tools are available for regulated laboratories providing end-to-end chain of custody.

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