Application Note

Quantitate interleukin-8 concentrations on the SpectraMax ABS Plus Microplate Reader with the SimpleStep ELISA kit

  • Reduce ELISA experimentation time from 260 min to 90 min with no compromise in sensitivity and reproducibility using Abcam’s SimpleStep ELISA kit
  • Read an entire ELISA plate in as little as 5 seconds with the SpectraMax ABS Plus Microplate Reader
  • Automatically calculate sample concentrations and plot results with SoftMax Pro Software
  • 利用 Abcam SimpleStep ELISA 试 剂盒可将 ELISA 实验时间从 260 分 钟减少到 90 分钟,无损实验的灵 敏度和重复性
  • 在 SpectraMax ABS Plus 微孔板读 板机上,整块 ELISA 板的读板时间 可减少到 5 秒
  • SoftMax Pro 软件可自动计算样品 浓度和绘制曲线