Application Note

Measure p53-MDM2 protein interaction with NanoBRET technology

  • Improve sensitivity over other BRET techniques with brighter NanoLuc signal and greater spectral separation
  • Detect protein interactions at physiological levels in live cells with high sensitivity
  • Calculate NanoBRET ratios and graph results automatically with SoftMax Pro Software
  • NanoLuc 带来更强的光学信号、 更宽的光谱,较其它 BRET 技术 具有更高灵敏度
  • 正常生理的活细胞下能够更灵敏的检测蛋白相互作用
  • 使用 SoftMax Pro 软件自动计 算 NanoBRET 比率并拟合生成 曲线