Application Note

Detect endotoxin with the PyroGene Recombinant Factor C Assay

  • Assure sample safety with an endotoxin assay that uses a single enzymatic step and no animal-derived products
  • Attain sensitivity beyond minimal requirements with SpectraMax readers
  • Save time by automating a read-incubate-read sequence with a workflow in SoftMax Pro Software
  • 一步酶促反应以及非动物衍生 产品特点完成检测,可确保样 本的安全性
  • 利用SpectraMax 系列微孔板 读板机可获得更高的灵敏度
  • SoftMax Pro 软件的 Workflow 方式进行读取-孵育-读取的自 动化流程节省了大量时间