Application Note

Monoclonality verification on the CloneSelect Imager System

  • Objectively analyze cells and colonies in every well
  • Rapidly identify wells containing
  • Confirm a colony originates from a single cell

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When developing cell lines for antibody and protein production, particularly for therapeutic purposes, it is crucial to ensure that the cell line originates from a single progenitor and is therefore monoclonal. Traditional cloning methods, such as limited dilution and FACS, use statistical analysis to determine a confidence level for monoclonality. This application highlight demonstrates the ability of CloneSelect Imager System to verify monoclonality based on objective image analysis after single cell sorting.



Verification of monoclonality – viewing the origin of a colony



Objective, quantitative assessment of cell growth

The CloneSelect Imager System utilizes noninvasive, white light imaging to enable rapid, quantitative measurement of cell confluence and generation of growth curves well by well.

Fast results :

  • Replace time-consuming manual inspection
  • Make confident, image-driven decisions
  • Obtain consistent results in under three minutes per 96-well plate

For applications including:

  • Rapid confluence measurement
  • Growth curve generation
  • Cell number estimation
  • Verification of monoclonality
  • Colony forming assays
  • Cell migration assays

Key parameters:

  • Accepts multi-plate formats from single well to 384-well
  • 4x objective lens
  • Resolution to 1.8 µm
  • Integrated barcode reader

Rapid image generation and clear data analysis

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