Application Note

Confluence and growth curve generation on the CloneSelect Imager

  • Image in a label-free manner using white light and/or fluorescence.
  • Scan, determine, and record cell confluence and cell number of the entire well for every well, objectively, over time.
  • Rapidly screens one 96-well plate within 90 seconds.

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The ability to monitor cell proliferation has become increasingly important, particularly with the widespread use of in vitro cell lines as model systems. Proliferation rates can be used to show the effect of a potential therapeutic on cell growth and to characterize a specific cell line.

This application note demonstrates how the CloneSelect™ Imager replaces subjective, time-consuming microscopic analysis with straightforward, objective and non-invasive process to measure cell confluence at a number of time points.


Growth rate: %Confluence versus time for each well in a 96-well plate. Thumbnails for each time point: integral software creates overlay (green) to indicate confluence values.

Objective, quantitative assessment of cell growth

The CloneSelect Imager utilizes non-invasive, white light imaging to enable rapid, quantitative measurement of cell confluence and generation of growth curves well by well.

Fast results:

For applications including:

Key parameters:

Rapid image generation and clear data analysis

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