Increase signal detection and optimize colony selection

Human IgG Protein Detection Signal

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To achieve over 5 fold of human IgG protein detection signal enhancement with 1 round of CloneDetect K8495 assay optimization

Utilizing a combination of imaging and robotics, ClonePix System screens for clonality and productivity simultaneously prior to collecting the highest-producing clones in a rapid one-step process. Plus:

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ImageXpress Confocal system

Powerful multi-laser light sources, a deep tissue penetrating confocal disk module, water immersion objectives and modern machine learning analysis software

  • Ideal for highly-complex cell-based and 3D assays
  • Seven-channel high-intensity lasers generating brighter images with higher signal-to-background
  • Spinning confocal disk technology for deeper tissue penetration, resulting in sharper images with improved resolution
  • Water immersion objectives offering quadruple the signal at lower exposure times for greater sensitivity and image clarity without sacrificing speed
  • Optional IN Carta software, leveraging intuitive, modern machine learning

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confocal ht ai

CloneSelect Imager and CloneSelect Imager FL

Verify monoclonality confidently

The all-new CloneSelect Imager FL adds high contrast multichannel fluorescent technology in addition to the standard white light imaging that allows for accurate single-cell detection and proof of monoclonality at day 0. Streamline your workflow with comparative confluence assays to identify and verify gene edits.

  • Document evidence of single cells and confluency digitally for auditing and submission to regulatory authorities
  • Image cells non invasively at multiple time points to monitor colony formation
  • Screen using high resolution white light imaging
  • Deliver real-time results with on-the-fly analysis
  • Automation and integration ready

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CloneSelect Imager FL

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