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Biotechnology for cellular agriculture and food and beverage quality control and safety testing

Biotechnology research tools to streamline production and the quality control and safety testing of food and beverage products

From customized work cells for cellular agriculture to quality and safety testing, the Molecular Devices team has developed industry leading technologies to help scale up beer, wine, plant-based protein, and cell cultured meat for the food and beverage industry

Food and beverage manufacturing can prove challenging from both a regulatory, quality, and efficiency perspective. According to Food Safety News article, ‘More looking back at 2021 recalls,” FDA-regulated firms, which include food and cosmetic companies, reported 427 recalls by the end of 2021. There were an additional 47 USDA recalls in 2021 totaling 15,501,273 pounds in recalled food.*

Similar to biologics, food products must undergo extensive regulatory oversight to ensure consumer safety and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our systems and support team have helped food and beverage groups across diverse business sectors by automating the manual processes that can slow down manufacturing and help ensure the quality, authenticity and safety.

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