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Gemini EM Microplate Reader

Re-invent your fluorescence assays

Create custom fluorescence assays without having to purchase expensive filter sets. The top- and bottom-reading Gemini EM Microplate Reader with dual monochromators lets you determine the optimal excitation and emission settings for your creative new fluorescence intensity assays. If the best wavelengths are unknown, the Gemini EM reader will find them for you. Switch easily between top and bottom reading modes for solution- and cell-based assays.


  • Read a variety of sample formats from 6- to 384-well microplates in endpoint, kinetic, spectral scan, and well scan modes
  • Eliminate the need for identifying, purchasing, and changing out filters for wavelength optimization with dual monochromators for excitation and emission wavelength selection between 250 and 850 nm
  • Measure fluorescence from solutions or cell-based assays with the best optical sensitivity by switching between top and bottom fluorescence reading
  • Up to 4 wavelength pairs can be read for endpoint and kinetic measurements
  • Well scanning to report a fluorescent measurement from a single point in the center of a microplate well to multiple points across a tissue culture well

Measuring Accurately and Reproducibly

  • Avoid losing high signals to detector saturation and photobleaching after repeated reads to find the correct reader settings with AutoPMT System electronics
  • Compare relative fluorescence units (RFUs) between samples, like with no other fluorometer, allowed by a unique calibration against an internal standard
  • Monitoring of temperature-sensitive reactions with consistent temperature regulation from ambient to 45°C
  • Thorough mixing of samples in microplate wells by user-programmable Automix feature
  • Gentle movement of cell or other aggregates in the microplate with a slow carriage speed option
  • Seamless automation coupling with the StakMax Stacker, Molecular Devices own integrated microplate stacker designed exclusively for the SpectraMax Reader

Comprehensive Reader Validation

Molecular Devices microplate readers have the most variety of tools available for users to meet their diverse hardware and software validation needs. Molecular Devices provides complete solutions with:

The Gemini EM Microplate Reader supports a multitude of fluorescence assay categories including:

  • ELISAs and immunoassays
  • Nucleic acid (DNA) quantitation
  • Protein quantitation
  • Reporter gene assays
  • Cell Viability, proliferation, and cytotoxicity
  • Enzyme assays
  • Transporter assays
  • Phosphotases/kinases
  • Microbial growth

SoftMax Pro Software, Molecular Devices' industry leading all-in-one data acquisition and analysis software, offers:

  • The most extensive library of supported application protocols to get you started faster
  • Optional tools for regulated labs with SoftMax Pro GxP Compliance Software
  • Advanced calculations including non-linear fitting metrics for in-depth analysis
  • The only Mac- and Windows-native application support for seamless exchange of data Files between operating systems
  • Proven integrations with leading automation and LIMS platforms for partnered solutions

General Specifications

Dimensions (in) 8.6 H x 22.8 W x 15 D
Dimensions (cm) 22 H x 58 W x 38 D
Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Power Source 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Performance Specifications

Wavelength Range-Excitation 250-850 nm
Wavelength Range-Emission 250-850 nm
Wavelength Selections Monochromator, tunable 1.0 nm increments
Wavelength Bandwidth (Excitation and emission) 9nm
Wavelength Accuracy < ± 2.0 nm
Top Read Sensitivity 3.0 fmol/well FITC 200 µl in 96 wells
Bottom Read Sensitivity 8.0 fmol/well FITC 200 µl in 96 wells
Light Source Xenon flash lamp

Microplate Read Time

Normal Mode

96 wells 15 seconds
384 wells 45 seconds
Dynamic Range 6 orders of magnitude
Temperature Range Ambient + 4°C up to 45°C
Temperature Unitformity (Microplate) ± 1°C @ 37°C

 Gemini™ EM Microplate Reader


Part Number

Gemini EM Microplate Reader EM
SpectraTest FL1 Fluorescence Validation Plate 0200-5060
SpectraDrop™ Micro-Volume Microplate Starter Kit 0200-6262
SpectraDrop™ Micro-Volume Microplate HTS Kit 0200-6267
Microplate Reader Shelf 9000-0756