Absorbance Readers

Molecular Devices offers a range of absorbance readers including instruments under its well-established SpectraMax brand. Patented technologies, such as PathCheck® Pathlength Measurement technology and tunable monochromators, enable researchers more flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use for the broadest range of assays.

Versatile visible absorbance reader for 96- and 384- well microplate formats
UV-visible absorbance microplate reader, providing ultrafast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes, 96-well, and 384-well microplates
UV-visible absorbance microplate reader for up to 96 samples with endpoint, kinetic and spectral scanning modes

The VersaMax Microplate Reader bridges the gap between the affordability of filter-based readers and the flexibility of monochromator-based systems for 96-well plate formats
Durable, filter-based absorbance microplate reader with additional kinetic assay measurement functionality for 96-well plate formats
Robust, high-value microplate reader designed to deliver research-grade results to any laboratory