Microplate Readers

Providing researchers with flexibility, sensitivity, and ease of use for the broadest range of microplate-based assay analyses. Molecular Devices patented microplate technologies include plate readers, microplate washers, automation capabilities, GxP compliance tools, and microplate data acquisition and analysis software. 

Versatile range of multi-mode plate readers with 8 different configurations for maximum expandability
Enabling researchers to have maximum flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use for the broadest range of assays
Gemini™ family of fluorescent microplate readers analyze a wide range of assays—all without the use of filters

High sensitivity glow and flash luminescence detection from an upgradeable platform, offering twice the throughput of conventional microplate readers.
Real-time kinetic cellular assay screening system for identifying early leads against GPCR and ion channel receptors
Molecular Devices industry leading all-in-one data acquisition and analysis software

Validation and compliance (QA/QC) for microplate analysis