Stem Cells

The expansion in knowledge and understanding of stem cells has fundamentally changed the way human biology and medicine are viewed.  Stem cells have shown great promise in providing unique "native" human cell types that will increase target and pathway relevance to disease process. They offer a more reliable platform to identify and confirm new drug targets and generate pharmacology and toxiciology breakthroughs with strong translation to the clinical setting. Additionally, the application of stem cells in drug development creates a new path to personalized medicine, while at the same time reduces or even potentially replaces animal testing. 

Molecular Devices is a market leader in providing bioanalysis solutions for stem cell research.  Exciting discoveries are made every day using cellular imaging platforms such as ImageXpress® Micro XLS System and SpectraMax® MiniMax 300 Imaging Cytometer, electrophysiology and plate reader systems along with related reagents and consumables.