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High Content Imaging

FLIPR Cellular Screening

Label-Free Analyses 

Microarray-Based Analyses 

Microplate-Based Analyses 

  Microplate Imaging   Threshold Contaminant Detection



Cellular Screening

High Content Imaging

Label-Free Analysis

Microarray-Based Analysis

Microplate-Based Analysis

Microplate Imaging

Contaminant Detection

What's New?
What's New

The GenePix SL50 Slide Loader. Learn more.

What's New?
What's New?

Affordable multi-mode detection and PathCheck Technology with the new SpectraMax M3 & M4 Microplate Readers. Learn more.

Customer Success

GenePix 4000B Scanner used in Lawrence Livermore Lab's new technology to test 1000s of DNA samples quickly & cheaply. Learn more.