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SoftMax Pro Microplate Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

An all-in-one data acquisition and analysis solution to get from reader set-up to results faster.

New in SoftMaxPro 6 software:

  • Updated user interface
  • Expanded data analysis such as beat counting
  • All-inclusive reporting
  • Accelerated exporting
  • Simplified formula writing

SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software serves as the user interface to the popular EMax®, VMax™, Gemini™, FilterMax™ and SpectraMax® Microplate Readers. Users are able to customize reader settings through the software to take advantage of unique reader technologies that improve the quality of assay data as well as do complex data analysis. Over 140 built in protocols along with protocol sharing community reduce the set up time for common applications.

Additional tools for regulatory compliance are included in SoftMax Pro GxP Compliance Software, which builds on the core features of the existing SoftMax Pro Software.

Download the latest SoftMax Pro 6.3 Software two week free trial here. Interested in upgrading your current SoftMax Pro Software? Check below to find out how:

SoftMax Pro Upgrade Options
from SoftMax Pro 5.x to 6.3 Purchase upgrade option*
from SoftMax Pro 6.2 or older (with maintenance option purchase) Upgrade is free
from SoftMax Pro 6.2 or older (NO maintenance option purchase) Purchase upgrade option*
*Please contact local account manager for upgrade options.


Extensive Reader Support

  • Customizable read settings for flexibility in measuring assays of all types
  • Walk-away automation through proven robotic and LIMS partner integrations
  • Real-time data display of kinetic measurements and spectral scans to monitor read progression
  • Ready-to-use software protocols containing optimized settings and pre-set calculations to get started faster

Advanced Analysis Included

  • Enhanced curve fitting for complex data sets, including 4 and 5-parameter logistic curve fits with independent weighting
  • In-depth bioassay analysis from EC50 calculations to tests for parallelism, relative potency, non-linear confidence intervals, and statistics
  • Automatic flagging of results through conditional formulas
  • Flexible import and export capabilities with text and XML file formats


Comprehensive Reader Validation

Molecular Devices microplate readers and software have the most variety of tools available for users to meet their diverse validation needs.  Molecular Devices provides complete solutions with: