Bioanalytical Software

Automated microscope and camera control software with integrated image analysisMetaMorph NX Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software

Truly customizable analysis

MetaMorph NX Software, the next generation of MetaMorph Software streamlines the workflow for all tasks and provides an entirely new user-centered interface without diminishing any of the features that facilitate comprehensive image acquisition and analysis. With one-click access to features, integrated hardware setup, guided assistance to create custom analysis, and synchronized, unobstructed views of your data, you can become an imaging expert in minutes.

Custom Measurement

  • Design your own distributable and reusable image processing and analysis modules in an integrated but separately dedicated workspace
  • Reduce iteration cycles by creating, adjusting and viewing results of designed analysis at the same time
  • Easily combine built-in processing filters and define segmentation and measurements

Workflow Oriented

  • Consistent workflow-oriented interface guides you through even the most complicated acquisition and analysis tasks.
  • Interactive zoom and pan within an entire image dataset. Easily focus in on the most important results.
  • Acquired datasets are easily analyzed; tabular and graphical extracted information remains linked to image source.

Experiment History

  • Experiment aware, all images, measurements and acquisition parameters stay together throughout experiment cycle

Hundreds of Hardware Drivers

  • Supports the broadest range of microscopy components to enable your unique application
  • Continuous driver development targets state-of-the-art peripheral hardware and camera drivers to keep you ahead of the curve
  • In-house driver and component testing gives you confidence that your system will work every time

Multi-Threaded Application

  • Acquisition and analysis can now be accomplished simultaneously
  • Asynchronous control of peripheral hardware shortens time-lapse intervals to improve temporal resolution
  • Device streaming captures images at the maximum hardware rate for high-speed device synchronization during acquisition

Support for Targeted Illumination Devices

  • Applications such as FRAP, FRET, photoactivation, photobleaching and uncaging of caged compounds are enabled

4D viewer

  • Spin, rock, rotate and zoom in on 3D display of the dataset from all angles
  • Move through time points using the filmstrip and export the sequence as a movie easily