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MetaMorph Software Application Modules

Combine ease-of-use & flexibility to accommodate automated image analysis for hundreds of applications in both research and high throughput environments.

A modular toolbox for image analysis, the suite of MetaMorph® Software Application Modules enable both novice and expert users to set up hundreds of assays in minutes without compromising the mature image processing algorithms required to address complex applications. The Application Modules provide an interactive environment to determine features of interest based on size, intensities, and distances. Some modules handle very specific and challenging assays (e.g., neurite outgrowth) while others (e.g., multi-wavelength cell scoring) can be configured to quantify dozen of different cellular events. To further tailor analysis to your research-oriented goals, journals can be amended to Application Modules, allowing to customize any analysis.

MetaMorph App Modules
12 Application Modules allow MetaMorph Software users to automate common analysis routines and accommodate 100's of applications.


The Application Modules don't sacrifice quality for throughput and ease of use because they are designed to automate microscopy in either High Content Screening (HCS) or research imaging settings and use superior segmentation and feature extraction. All application modules are equipped with a proprietary adaptive background correction algorithm, adapting image segmentation to the local intensity ranges and shape features within and between cells. This feature helps mitigate poor sample quality and provides the most robust segmentation available in an image-based system. The newest developments in image analysis and a large quantity of outputs (extracted features) are available. For example, the micronuclei Application Module provides more than 90 outputs and a proprietary algorithm to easily discriminate mono-, bi-, and multi-nucleated cells in genotoxicity experiments. Analysis results are saved at the cell-by-cell and image-by-image level with segmentation overlays and can be reviewed interactively by selecting a cell and visualizing the corresponding analysis data or vice-versa.

12 Application Modules allow MetaMorph Software users to automate common analysis routines and accommodate 100's of applications (see the applications tab).

Interactive Environment guides users through the determination of features of interest.


MetaMorph NX Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software
Count Nuclei Applciation module guides user through selection of segmentation parameters and output measurements yeilding accurate results even in the presence of background shading and closely spaced cells.



Adaptive Background Correction mitigates poor sample quality while improving image segmentation.


Adaptive Background Correction
All MetaXpress Software Application Modules are equipped with an adaptive background correction algorithm to mitigate poor sample quality while improving image segmentation. (Left) Unevenly stained sample before segmentation (Center) after conventional segmentation, some of the features are not identified (Right) with Adaptive Background Correction, all the features are identified.


Field-by-Field Data, Cell-by-Cell Data, and Segmentation Overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis such as gating cell populations or reviewing accuracy of segmentation.


Field-by-Field Data, Cell-by-Cell Data, and Segmentation Overlay

Field-by-field (summary) data, cell-by-cell (cellular) data, and segmentation overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis.



Customization of Application Modules for research and assay development can easily be achieved by amending journals to Application Modules (Note: the resulting analysis will not be compatible with analysis with the MetaXpress PowerCore Software).

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