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4D Viewer for MetaMorph NX Software

View your images from the inside out!

Molecular Devices announces the 4D Viewer, an exciting addition to the lineup of advanced image analysis capabilities offered with the MetaMorph® NX Software.

Experience It

At any time while working with a dataset, click just once to reveal an extraordinary 3D perspective of your images. Then, just as quickly, switch between different datasets to view each in 3D. Spin, rock, rotate, and zoom in on the 3D display to investigate your data from all angles. Move through time points using the filmstrip and export the sequence as a movie easily.

Key Features:

  • 3D Iso-surface and volume rendering.
  • 3D rendering of multiple fluorescent channels.
  • 3D object to object distance measurements.
  • Export rendered images to PowerPoint.
  • Export rendered images as movie.

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