Bioanalytical Software

High Throughput Imaging with the MetaXpress PowerCore Software

Image analysis is never a bottleneck in identifying "Hits".

The MetaXpress® PowerCore™ Software harnesses the power of parallel processing to accelerate image analysis while preserving the quality of the image segmentation and the large number of outputs required for downstream multi-parametric analysis. Designed to screen compound and RNAi libraries with up to 1 million samples in as little as 2 weeks, the Molecular Devices Complete Solution for HCS makes "high throughput imaging" possible by offering fast image acquisition systems, even faster tools for image analysis with the MetaXpress PowerCore Software, and automatic hit selection with the AcuityXpress™ Software.

Parallel processing eliminates image analysis bottlenecks.

  • Server-client platform with a server that divides plate analysis into small processes and distributes them to multiple clients. Each client, running on multi-processor computers, executes the analysis and relays the results to the server.
  • Scalable design accelerates image analysis while preserving segmentation quality, overlays, and the large number of analysis outputs.
  • Integrated to the high content screening workflow ─ At the end of analysis, the server efficiently saves all data into the MDCStore™ Data Manager, allowing access to results within a laboratory or across an organization.

MetaXpress PowerCore Software accelerates the HCS workfl ow by significantly reducing time required for image analysis. Leveraging the power of parallel processing, MetaXpress PowerCore Software is a server-client solution that enables users to leverage a scalable number of client based processors to run the MetaXpress Software Application Module algorithms in parallel, accelerating analysis 5- to 40-fold.

Scalable licensing to tailor analysis speed to the needs of your laboratory (number of instruments supported, volume of data generated, and complexity of your multi-parametric data files).

  • Basic configurations allow research and small screening labs to expedite analysis as fast as image acquisition speed.
  • Advanced configurations are ideal for core facilities or high-throughput imaging environments and will accelerate application module speed up to 25 times faster than acquisition. With this speed, multiple ImageXpress® Systems can run in parallel at full capacity, or you can re-analyze archived images in minutes.

Image analysis time per 384-well plate using the MetaXpress PowerCore Software. Results were obtained with computers meeting recommendations for computer specifications and IT requirements Product specifications should ensure a 4-7 fold increase with 8 processes and 10-14 fold with 16 processes