Bioanalytical Software

GenePix Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Microarray Software

The complete standalone microarray image acquisition and analysis software

GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software is the industry standard microarray image analysis software because of its unique combination of imaging and analysis tools, visualizations, automation capabilities, performance and intuitive workflows. With multiplexed image acquisition and automation features of GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software, the best just got better. 

GenePix® Microarray Scanners and the GenePix® SL50 Automated Slide Loader include one license of GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software. Additional licenses of GenePix Pro Acquisition and Analysis Software or licenses of Acuity® Enterprise Microarray Informatics Software, a powerful and scalable database, statistical and data visualization software package may be purchased at the time of scanner purchase, or at any time after purchase.

  • No Need to Manually Scan Your Slides. Use the multiplexed image acquisition with your predefined settings and you do not need to manually scan each individual array anymore. Select multiple scan areas on one microarray and set your scan parameters for independent scans and click on Data Scan All. A GenePix® Microarray Scanner controlled by GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software will do the image acquisition and save the images to your desired location.
  • Manual Gridding No Longer Necessary. Rely on the powerful spot finding algorithms. Analyze any microarray TIFF image from any scanner, including hexagonally packed arrays, using a set of proprietary spot-finding algorithms in GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software. Global alignment algorithms determine translation, rotation and skew of blocks with features. In addition to finding circular or square features, the software has an edge-detection option for segmenting irregularly shaped features from background.
  • Define Your Own Flags. Define your own flag with the automated feature flagging. The User-Defined Flag Features interface allows you to design and save multiple-parameter Boolean queries for automated feature flagging. Queries can easily be shared between collaborators to help standardize quality control practices within a group of users.
  • Choose the Best Background Subtraction Method. With each microarray experiment, it is critical to calculate the best-possible numerical representation of biological changes on the array, which is often hampered by substandard array quality. GenePix® Pro 7 Software allows you to choose between several background subtraction methods: local, global, morphological or negative control methods. Or, where appropriate, choose to have no background subtraction at all.
  • Unattended Batch Analysis. GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software simplifies batch analysis. Simply load a group of TIFF images to the Batch Analysis Tab, assign layout files and press Start. GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software will automatically run spot-finding algorithms, extract numerical values, flag features and save a results file for each image. With the Browse Tool, users can quickly review results of the completed batch.