Bioanalytical Software

Bioanalytical Software

To enhance the use of its instrument systems, Molecular Devices has developed software programs that analyze, manage, organize, and store the data from experiments to assist researchers in all disciplines to extract the highest value from their instrument investment.

Molecular Devices offers a range of powerful instrument products for research scientists performing a wide variety of assays across many industries, from basic research labs to high throughput screening environments. Despite their advanced performance capabilities, these instruments could not perform at optimal levels without an integrated software component.

SoftMax Pro Microplate Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

SoftMax® Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Software serves as the user interface to the popular EMax®, VMax™, Gemini™, and SpectraMax® Microplate Readers. Users are able to customize reader settings through the software to take advantage of unique reader technologies that improve the quality of assay data such as: temperature-independent pathlength correction for absorbance measurements and automatic gain correction for fluorescence.

SoftMax Pro GxP Microplate Data Compliance Software

SoftMax Pro® GxP Compliance Software extends Molecular Devices' leading data acquisition and analysis solution into regulated laboratories working under GMP, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other similar guidelines for secure electronic records.

DataXpress 2 Data Management and Analysis Software for Electrophysiology

DataXpress® 2 Software is a data management and analysis system for electrophysiology data acquired with the PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System. By incorporating a SQL Server database with over 100 attributes, users can quickly query and sort information about their assays. The system's trial editing, analysis, and graphing capabilities provide users with a comprehensive set of tools to analyze and interpret their data.

pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Currently in version 10, pCLAMP™ Software fulfills many different experimental needs, such as synchronized stimulation, event detection, and online analysis. Three separate applications included are Clampex 10, AxoScope 10, and Clampfit 10.

High Content Analysis Software

Molecular Devices' complete imaging workflow consists of high content screening systems, which are supported by powerful software packages, including MetaXpress Software for image acquisition and analysis, MetaXpress PowerCore Software which increases the speed of analysis to high throughput imaging levels, AcuityXpress Software for high content informatics, and the MDCStore data management solution.

Research Imaging Software

The MetaMorph Software suite of products from Molecular Devices has been an integral part of the bioresearch imaging community for more than 25 years and supports a vast array of microscopes, cameras, and precision stages. The extensive suite of software provides acquisition, processing, and analysis features that allow researchers to build custom imaging systems for solving novel experimental problems in cellular imaging.

GenePix Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Microarray Software

GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software is the industry standard microarray image analysis software because of its unique combination of imaging and analysis tools, visualizations, automation capabilities, performance and intuitive workflows. With multiplexed image acquisition and automation features of GenePix® Pro 7 Acquisition and Analysis Software, the best just got better.

Acuity 4 Enterprise Microarray Informatics Software

Acuity® 4 Enterprise Microarray Informatics Software from Molecular Devices makes enterprise microarray informatics accessible to everyone. From installing and maintaining databases, managing users and groups, to filtering and analyzing data, the intuitive interface of Acuity 4 Enterprise Microarray Informatics Software allows you to set up quickly and begin analyzing your data.