Microplate Washers & Handlers

elisa assay microplate washerMultiWash III Microplate Washer

The MultiWash III Microplate Washer is a low-cost, 96-well microplate washer that represents the perfect balance between features and affordability.

The MultiWash III Washer can be used to perform a wide range of assays including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), enzyme immuno assay (EIA), fluorescent immuno assay (FIA), luminescent immuno assay (LIA), cytotoxicity assays, and agglutination tests in flat, round, or V-bottom microplates. It is configurable with user interchangeable wash manifolds to suit a variety of washing applications.

The system is completely self-contained with no external pumps, and can be assembled and fully operational in just minutes.  Once operational, the MultiWash III Washer can perform a 300 µL three-cycle wash on a 96-well plate in less than two minutes.  For greater assay flexibility, users can wash any number of rows or columns, including washing the whole plate.  All programming is done on the front display panel.  No external computer is necessary for programming or operation.

The unique coaxial manifold design combines the dispense and aspiration channels in one probe.   This allows the user to wash with greater speed than typical designs that have separated aspiration and dispense channels.  The modular manifold design also allows the user to wash in either column or row format depending on the manifold installed. 

User-Changeable Wash Manifold for Different Assays

  • There are two main manifold options, the innovative Coaxial Manifold and the Standard Manifold with separated aspiration and dispense pins.
  • Each manifold type is available in 8 channels, 12 channels, and 8 x 2 channels.
  • The coaxial manifolds allow for bottom-washing and overflow washing for Biochemical and Cell-Based Assays.
  • Manifolds can be changed in minutes.
  • Buy the manifolds you need now and add additional manifold as your needs change.

MultiWash coaxial needle

Figure 1. Coaxial needle.

MultiWash bottom & overflow washing

Figure 2. Bottom and overflow washing.

Simple and Flexible Operation

  • Color coded quick connect fittings on bottles allow users to easily change solutions.
  • The soft-touch keys on the display panel are used to create and store up to 50 user-defined programs.
  • Wash 1 or more strips, or entire plate
  • Dispense volumes from a range of 50-1990 µL in row, column, or double-column format depending on Manifold installed.

MultiWash color coded fittings

Figure 3. Color-coded fittings. 

MultiWash front panel display pad

Figure 4. Front panel display pad.

Dependable Operation

  • Reliable positive-displacement dispense pump that assures accurate and consistent dispensing.
  • Aspiration from the microplate wells is facilitated by the use of a built-in vacuum pump, eliminating the need for additional equipment.
  • To ensure reliability, the instrument performs a maintenance rinse after every eight hours of non-usage to prevent wash solutions from drying up and leaving salt deposits between uses.
  • The waste reservoir is fitted with a liquid level sensor to indicate if the reservoir is full.
  • Only the tips of the aspiration needles make contact with liquid in the microplate wells, so cross-contamination and carry-over are minimized.