Microplate Readers

IQOQ Guidelines

Best practices to assist in the qualification of Molecular Devices' microplate readers and companion instruments in select regions.

For GLP, GMP, and other regulated environments, hardware qualification is an important requirement for establishing that the instrument has been installed properly and operates to specification.  This installation and operation qualification (IQ and OQ) can be performed by the system owner or an outside party. 

Molecular Devices was the first to support regulatory compliance for microplate readers, and one of the key products to empower customers in regulated environments is the IQOQPQ Guidelines to aid system owners in qualifying their SpectraMax® line of microplate readers and liquid handling systems.

Beyond documenting the system specifications, at the core of the IQOQPQ for the microplate readers are the SpectraTest® Validation Plates, the most comprehensive test tools on the market for confirming the industry-leading performance in absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence.

Together, these extensive guidelines can be used by newcomers and experts alike in hardware qualification to verify their Molecular Devices' instruments are operating to their optimal specifications.

  • Detailed hardware specifications for microplate readers and liquid handling systems from Molecular Devices
  • Detailed IQ and OQ checklists for use in system owner qualification plans

What's New?
What's New?

Easy Validation of Luminescence Detection Mode with the new SpectraTest LM1 Validation Plate. Learn more.