Microplate Readers

SpectraTest Validation Plates for Instrument Validation

Microplate readers from Molecular Devices are designed to provide consistent performance for many years. In keeping with best practices, instrument performance should be validated and documented regularly.

Microplate detection is a pivotal tool used in discovery, development, and quality control across many industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food and water safety. Because these areas of research are so critical to the health and welfare of humans, researchers need to know that the instruments used to perform their assays are reliably meeting system specifications.

Using wet tests for validating instruments is a common practice, but such tests are considered to be unreliable as they are subject to day-to-day procedural variations, among other concerns. Furthermore, vendors may not provide complete published specifications for the purpose of validating the instrument, making it difficult for users to accurately document system performance. To address these issues, Molecular Devices introduced a line of SpectraTest Validation Plates to provide comprehensive testing for absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence detection assays for Molecular Devices' microplate readers. SpectraTest Validation Plates form the core of Molecular Devices' IQOQPQ Manual, which offers guidelines for customers qualifying their instruments' operational performance. 

Our SpectraTest® ABS1, FL1, and LM1 Validation Plates provide automated, comprehensive, and traceable validation of optical performance, and automatic verification of SpectraMax®, FlexStation®, VersaMax™, and specified Gemini™ Microplate Readers.

What's New?
What's New?

Easy Validation of Luminescence Detection Mode with the new SpectraTest LM1 Validation Plate. Learn more.